Debut Poetry Collection


What readers are saying

This defiant, engrossing depiction of a father and a daughter makes for an extremely accomplished poetry collection. Not only is Thatcher far, far more than he was, but she also generously portrays him as he was in his entirety: bad, good, and all that came in-between. —WALES ARTS REVIEW

A lyrically-stunning, yet unapologetically raw exploration of loss…Thatcher is an exciting new voice in poetry.  —NATALIE ANN HOLBOROW

An absolute gutpunch of a book. By which I mean that it tackles its subject matter – grief, coupled with and complicated by issues of addiction and family dysfunction – with incisiveness, empathy and a poetic perception that is as sharp and disciplined as it is feeling and skilful…Thatcher’s eye is impeccable for poetic incident and detail and her carefully weaned language and considered style throws this into beautiful and brilliant relief, even as Thatcher delves into the oddity, horror and warmth that can all accompany grief. —REBECCA ROY

More than you were is a book that knows something very important about family, love and loss and it is a blessing each time I hold it in my hands and read the poems within. —LISA MATTHEWS