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Three poems: New Welsh Reader, December 2022

‘Quarter Horse Elegy’: The North, Issue 68

‘Unearthing’: The Poetry Review, Vol 112, No. 3, Autumn 2022 Issue

‘Detox Passage’ and ‘How to Build a Boat’ (Romanian Translations): Cross-Currents Anthology (Curente La Ruscruce), October 2022

‘Digestion’ and ‘How to Love a Gardener’ (Italian Translations): Correnti Incrociate 2 (‘Cross-Currents 2’), June 2022

‘Clip Clop Oblivion’: Visual Verse: An Anthology, June 2022

‘The Race’ and ‘What is that sound?’: Broken Sleep Ecopoetry Anthology, June 2022

‘Interweaving’: Arachne Press A470 Anthology

‘My Mother Knits the Matriarchal Home’: Poetry Wales, Issue 57.2

‘In a Bratislava bar, I am told’: Slovakia in Poems Anthology, October 2021

‘The Blade Orchard’: Ambit, Issue 244, July 2021

Five Poems (Spanish Translations): Nueva York Poetry Review, March 2021

Seven Poems (Spanish Translations): Circulo de Poesia, December 2020

Three Poems: iamb, November 2020

‘Hunting Happiness (and other lessons)’: Magma #78 – Collaborations Issue

Convincing a Horse to Cross the Tohickon Bridge’: Amsterdam Quarterly 29

Earth Witch‘: Okay Donkey, September 2020

How Finches Punctuate‘: WRITE Where We Are NOW, April 2020

Addicts die a thousand deaths‘: Oxford Review of Books, March 2020

Becoming an Astronaut‘: North American Review, March 2020

‘First Crush‘: Rush Literary Magazine, February 2020

‘Protect the Child’ and ‘Bad Things’: Anti-Heroin Chic, November 2019

Three Poems: Anthropocene, November 2019

‘Every Night Addicts’: Finished Creatures, Issue #2: Risk, October 2019

‘Sentry’: Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Issue #1

Sex After Marriage‘: Barren Magazine, Issue #10

On Bad Days I Think About How I Will Identify Your Body‘: Algebra of Owls, May 2019

The Bread Man‘: Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2019

An Improper Kindness‘: Eighty Four: Poems on male suicide,vulnerability, grief and hope, January 2019

Digestion‘: Marble Poetry, Issue #3, Winter 2018

Two Poems: Under the Radar, Issue #22, September 2018

Fix‘: Eye Flash, Issue #3, Autumn 2018

Three Poems: The High Window, Autumn 2018

What am I doing here?‘: Riggwelter Press, Issue #13, September 2018

Cleansing Ritual‘: Rust + Moth, Autumn 2018

Rescuing a Hummingbird‘: Atrium Poetry, June 2018

‘The Chase’ and ‘Looking Back’: Poetry Salzburg Review, Issue #32, Spring 2018

‘Brushing Teeth’ – Reprint: The Shellshock Blog, January 2018

‘Resilience’ – Reprint: Grief Demystified, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, November 2017

‘Self-Portrait’: Lapidus Journal, Volume 10, Issue 3, Autumn 2017

‘Hold’ and ‘Etching’: And Other Poems, November 2017

Thirteen poems: Circulo de Poesia (Spanish Translations), August 2017

Four poems: Cheval 10, Parthian Books, June 2017

Mealtimes‘: Panorama – The Journal of Intelligent Travel, Quarterly Issue: Spring 2017

‘Two Years’: Acumen, Issue 86, September 2016

Five poems: Cheval 9, Parthian Books, June 2016

One poem sequence: The Fem Lit Mag, March 2016

Silo‘: The Interpreter’s House, Issue #61

Translation‘: Synaesthesia Magazine, December 2015

Three poems: The Lonely Crowd, Winter, November 2015

‘Taking Shape’: Welsh Short Story Network Anthology, Summer 2015

Anticipation‘: Meniscus, April 2015

Brushing Teeth‘: Bare Fiction, March 2015

Fruits‘: Planet Magazine, Winter 2014

The Young Widow‘ : Cake Magazine, Issue #6, April 2014

Confession‘: The Ghastling, March 2014

‘Boundary’: Dagda Publishing, December 2013

‘The Compliment’: Canto Magazine, November 2013

Two poems: Lamplit Underground, October 2013

Roath: An Italian Translation‘: Made in Roath Brochure/Website, October 2013

Two poems: Buzz Magazine, October 2013 (Lit Feature, pg. 50)

1996: An American Postcard‘: The Lampeter Review, Issue #7, Spring 2013

Chest of Drawers – Reprint‘ : Ink, Sweat, and Tears Magazine, Spring 2013

#87‘ : Eclectica Magazine, January 2013

Substitute‘ : Conclave:  A Journal of Character Issue #4, Autumn 2012

Three poems: Camroc Press Review, Summer 2012

Six poems: Eunoia Review, May 2012

Tempt‘ : Turbulence Magazine, Issue #9, April 2012

Three poems: The Delinquent, Issue #17, April 2012

Rust‘ : The Denver Syntax, Issue #24, Spring 2012

‘They Lived Again’ : The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, January 2012

Dandelion‘ and ‘Doll‘ : Inkspill Magazine, Issue #6 (selected Editor’s Choice)

Detox‘ and ‘Prediction‘ : Neon Literary Magazine, Issue #27, Summer 2011

‘Chest of Drawers’ : The London Magazine, June/July 2011


‘First Time’: Butcher’s Dog, Issue 18, May 2023

Competitions / Commissions 

‘Listen, the Nightjar is Calling’ was written for The Outposted Project and included on The Brecon Map

Three poems shortlisted in the 2020 Buzzwords Open Competition judged by Penelope Shuttle

‘Object / Subject’ was commissioned as a poetic response to Fra Beecher’s Body of Work photography exhibition 

‘Some Say’ was selected for the 2020 Ver Poets Open Competition judged by Jacqueline Saphra.

‘Hope is Tubing Down the Delaware River’ was selected for the 2020 ‘Love the Words International Poetry Competition’ winners’ anthology, in celebration of International Dylan Thomas Day.

‘Detox Passage’ was commended in the 2019 Battered Moons Poetry Competition.

‘Touring Tenby With The Man I Will One Day Marry’ was highly commended in the 2019 PENfro Book Festival Writing Competition.

Three poems longlisted for the 2019 Show Me Yours Prize 

First Place for the 2019 Blacklion Poetry Competition (Cathal Bui Festival)

Shortlisted for the 2018 Visible Poetry Project

Third Place and a Honourable Mention for the 2017 Poetry Pulse Annual Competition

Second Place (Poetry) for the 2016 Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award

Shortlisted for the 2015 Bare Fiction Debut Poetry Collection Competition

‘The Compliment’ shortlisted for the 2010 Third Quarter Flash 500 Competition

Academic Articles, Reviews & Other Publications

“Cowgirl Poetics: Writing Women in Rodeo.” TEXT 26 (Special 67): 1–16. August, 20th 2022  https://doi.org/10.52086/001c.37816.

‘How poetry can help us understand the urgency of the climate crisis’, The Conversation, November 5th, 2021

More than you were: Writing my Father’s Life, Death and Addiction’Journal of Poetry Therapy, June 2021

‘Writing can improve mental health – here’s how’, The Conversation,  June 17th, 2021

Whys and What Ifs: Writing and Anxiety Reduction in Individuals Bereaved by Addiction, Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, May 2021, DOI: 10.1080/15401383.2021.1924097

‘Humour in poetry should be taken seriously’, The Conversation, February 9th, 2021

In Dialogue: How Writing to the Dead and the Living Can Increase Self-Awareness in Those Bereaved by Addiction’, OMEGA – Journal of Death and Dying, December 2020. doi:10.1177/0030222820976277

‘Losing Andrew: Disenfranchised Grief in Shelly Wagner’s Poetry’, Scriptum: Creative Writing Journal, Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2018, ISSN 2342-6039

‘The Story of M’ by SuAndi: A Review, Writing in Education, NAWE, Issue Number 73, Autumn 2017, ISSN 1361-8539