About Me

IMG_3737Hello! My name is Christina Thatcher and I am an American qualified teacher currently working as a freelance writer, educator, and researcher in Wales. As a lover of education and all things literary, I have spent my fair share of time at university.

Before crossing the pond to study how creative writing can improve the lives of at-risk youth, I received a BSc in English Literature and Secondary Education from Temple University. While there I also took up minors in Anthropology and Sociology, played the piano badly, and spent inordinate amounts of time feeding my soft pretzel addiction.

As a Marshall Scholar, I completed an MA in Creative Writing from Cardiff University and an MA in Equity Issues in Education from the University of York. Cardiff exposed me to things I may not have otherwise discovered, like the joys of prose poetry, Latin American literature, and Welsh cakes. And, among other things, York gave me the opportunity to examine alternative, arts-based education strategies while learning to sew, plant spinach, and make nettle beer.

Now, as a freelancer, PhD student and Creative Writing tutor at Cardiff University, I spend my time writing poetry, working on lots of wonderful projects across south Wales, and researching how creative writing can impact the lives of people bereaved by addiction. My debut poetry collection, More than you were, was published by Parthian Books in April 2017.

If any of these things interest you then please get in touch. I love hearing from like-minded people and am always up for collaborations!

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