Last year I was lucky enough to facilitate a writer’s group called MARGIN which aimed to respond to the Rapid Cycling project at ATTIC, a contemporary gallery concerned with scientific, personal and cultural understandings of the mind. Over the course of six months our group examined work from different artists, discussed the relationship between creativity and mental health, and explored issues surrounding privacy, isolation, disclosure, redemption, and more. To showcase our accomplishments, MARGIN opened an exhibition in January 2014 – a writing room – which encouraged community members to continue this exploration.

During our exhibition we invited the public to follow in our footsteps – to observe the space and write whatever inspired them. If individuals wanted to share their work they were encouraged to hang it up on the wall alongside pieces written in actual MARGIN sessions. If they did not want to share, they were asked to fold their writing up and place it under the (loose) floorboard where it could be safely nailed in after the exhibition. The response was wonderful. People talked, listened, read, and wrote. The room came alive with discussions, questions, and new ideas.

The exhibition itself was called (mikst) as it involved both the MARGIN group as well as the work of Golden Belle. In the next room, this performance duo delivered a piece which explored themes from the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper. Running alongside each other, MARGIN and Golden Belle created a unique and emotionally charged atmosphere which encouraged visitors to consider the relationship between vulnerability and creativity.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support MARGIN and celebrate all the wonderful work inspired by ATTIC. What a journey it has been.


IMG_8956 IMG_8961 IMG_8963 IMG_8964 IMG_8965 IMG_8966 IMG_8967 IMG_8970 IMG_8974 IMG_8976 IMG_8989 IMG_8990

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