Time to “relax and reflect”?

One of my long-term workshop participants and all around lovely person, Sharon Jenkins, wrote this wonderful post about the Relaxation and Reflection series I co-led with Charlotte Nock. How kind!

Out Of The Ashes

How mindful are you really of the present moment? What does emotional, spiritual and physical growth and resilience mean to you? And how can reflective writing and sharing with others help you to connect with your authentic self?

Once a month, over the past 4 months I have been finding out. “Relaxation and Reflection” are a series of workshops run by Cardiff based Complimentary therapist Charlotte Nock (www.strictlyholistic.com) and Creative Writing group leader and published author Christina Thatcher (www.collectingwords.wordpress.com)

The workshops focus on the emotional, physical and mental aspects of health and wellbeing as well as on general growth. The first half of each day is led by Charlotte usually including discussion and sharing of thoughts, feelings and emotions around the topic (NB – all sharing is voluntary although such an open, honest, safe and authentic atmosphere is created that everyone feels completely at ease)

Charlotte focuses on the wheel…

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