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One of my favorite things about being a freelance writer is meeting other writers. And, not just writers, but artists, musicians, woodworkers, choreographers, singers, actors and anyone else with a unique and exciting passion. There is a reason why people engaged in these pursuits are considered to be part of a ‘creative community’. Because we are, together. And in Cardiff we are lucky to have a community that is not only thriving and adventurous but also nurturing and supportive.

It has been said that ‘we cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.’ I have always believed this and in the past few years it has only become more apparent. I love being part of this creative hub of a city but, now that I work full time and am researching for a PhD, I need a little more help to transform projects and workshops from ideas into realities. Last year, I was lucky enough to have been supported in this by the amazing Rebecca Roy who, as my first Administrative and Events intern, helped me do everything from researching writing retreats to editing anthologies. I will be forever grateful for her enthusiasm and excellent eye for fonts.

This year, I have recruited another Creative Writing MA student from Cardiff University – the lovely Jodie Ashdown – who will spend the remainder of her degree learning what it’s like to be a freelance writer, educator and researcher, and may even join me in planning some new outdoor writing adventures. Canoes have already been mentioned.

So, please join me in welcoming Jodie by checking out her work, reading her bio and saying ‘hello’ at local readings. Cardiff is a wonderful city – not only be a writer but also to help other writers develop, learn and become part of a wider community:



Jodie Ashdown is a writer and poet from, and living in, Cardiff. She is currently studying an MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University, after completing an undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

She mainly writes in prose, particularly short stories, and hopes to develop an idea for a novel during her MA programme. She specialises in science fiction, posthumanism, horror and magic realism, but will read pretty much anything (well, within reason). She has a penchant for old school time travel stories and is a subscriber of more than one SF magazine, although she tries not to admit this in public. Her favourite authors include Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, J.G Ballard, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, H.P Lovecraft, Gabriel García Márquez, José Saramago and H.G Wells.

Aside from writing, she has backpacked around the world and is an avid surfer and a keen photographer.

You can find out more about her (including publications) here:

Literature Wales: http://www.literaturewales.org/writers-of-wales/i/145890/desc/ashdown-jodie-kay/
Blog: http://www.witsandclass.blogspot.co.uk/
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/jodieashdown/

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  1. Anthony Wade says:

    I, too, enjoy freelance writing. Jodie sounds like a very interesting person. I would love to backpack around the world.

    Hope you get that novel idea, Jodie

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