Speaking out- Christina Thatcher on Ignite Cardiff

freespeechcardiff asked me to write about my experience of delivering a talk on ‘Writing Grief’ at Ignite Cardiff. I hope this post will encourage others to get out there and talk about the things that have changed them, the things they love, the things they are frightened of. I cannot wait to listen to, and hopefully deliver, more free talks in Cardiff this year!


A big part of the brilliance of Ignite Cardiff is the fact that its talks can come from anyone, from any angle- on subjects that are truly extraordinary or touchingly ordinary, things that happen to an unusual few, or things we all experience over time.

Amongst the great talks at the last Ignite Cardiff, the talk from the brilliant Cardiff based writer Christina Thatcher seemed to bridge these two sides- giving a unique view into something we all experience. And if you weren’t luck enough to see it then, definitely give to a watch.

In the mist of Ignite Cardiff the organisers (Steve DimmickEd BarnettMark StevensonMiranda BishopJames Harding, and James Davies) got up on stage to thank everyone, and to call for more people to come forward as speakers. This got us thinking- why don’t more people go…

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