Local writer and performance poet, Will Ford, has written this lovely blog post about me, my work and the podcast I recently did for Headstand Radio. Thank you Will!

willdeanford's Blog

Patrick Widdess, poet, performer and podcaster, in his usual warm and welcoming way, interviews Christina Thatcher, the latest guest on Headstand to freely talk of how and why they write and the value of the creative process…listen here 

Creativity as a light in the darkness for processing troubling personal experiences is a prominent driving force for American-born Christina, both in her own writing and in the many inspiring poetry workshops she leads and groups she facilitates. In self exploration, strength can be found. The very heart of her work can be expressed in three simple words: write to empower.

However, all kinds of creativity with words, from the sublime to the ridiculous, stories, monologues, experiments of the most surreal kind and more are experienced by Christina with the delighted smile of someone truly thankful for her own creativity and desire to draw the very best out everyone who wishes to pick up…

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