Interview with Clare Potter

Clare Potter is a talented poet and all around wonderful person. I’m delighted to work with her at the Welsh Writers’ Trust and cannot wait to begin teaching alongside her at Cardiff University this October. Please enjoy this interview and check out some of her poetry. You won’t be disappointed.

Welsh Writers’ Trust


Clare Potter is a poet, playwright, collaborator and educator, originally harking from Blackwood, South Wales. She taught and lived for several years in New Orleans, where she was a consultant for the New Orleans Writing Project. Her collection, ‘spilling histories’ (Cinnamon, 2006), is based around the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

These days Clare lives and works in South Wales, where – in addition to her many other responsibilities – she also acts a board member for the Welsh Writer’s Trust.

This week, she kindly let us quiz her about her work, her thoughts on poetry, and her upcoming projects. Enjoy:

Your collection ‘spilling histories’ was written in and about the aftermath of the New Orleans disaster. Do you find that creative writing can help reconcile the trauma of such disasters?

I don’t think there can ever be reconciliation after such a disaster, especially when there is still so much anger…

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