Places to Inspire Writing in Cardiff

This is an interesting and useful post for Cardiff-based poets looking for a bit of inspiration!

Welsh Writers’ Trust

All writers have experienced that dearth of inspiration; the time when we scrabble through articles in newspapers, sift through old diaries and scour every object that surrounds us to find something, anything, that might spark some much craved creativity.

In those trying times when nothing seems to mean anything and you are left staring at a shampoo bottle on your knees and losing the ability to make sense of words, a step outside into the fresh air may reinvigorate your imagination.

We had a brainstorm and a walk and came up with five places in Cardiff that could help to get those writer-ly juices flowing again.

Queen Street

This is the busiest street in Cardiff and although the idea of being surrounded by hundreds of shoppers and tourists quickly bustling along may not seem the most inspiring, there’s always a lot of intriguing interactions going on. There are buskers, people…

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